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Before breaking ground on Villa Camilla, Gilles Saint-Gilles began by setting up sophisticated workshops where local artisans learn the techniques of Old World Craftmanship in Azuero´s on-site training program.

Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel is the first testament to and showcase for the quality of design and craftsmanship possible when building your homes at Azueros.

Most of the site infrastructure is in place and our first homes delivered in September 2006. Twenty-three residences are currently under construction, with this number increasing to 34 in December 2008, and progressively thereafter.

To date, we have completed: principal and some secondary roads, power lines, four wells supplying over 2000 gallons of water per hour, fiber optic communications, and a high-speed wireless Internet connection that can be relayed to any location on site.

With so much happening at Azueros and the community taking form, we are very happy to share some photographs of the works in progress. Foundations are being laid, roofs raised , gardens landscaped, finishes applied and homes delivered to Azueros owners.

Simultaneously, additional roads are being created , a waste water treatment plant built and beaches cleaned. Native hardwoods are repopulating the landscape as our greenhouses and their selection of species grow.

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