Overview of the Project and Plan
Project Size and Scope. The Community is set on over 600 acres (242 hectares) site. Over $30 million has been spent developing the Azueros Community to date, with a total estimated development cost of over $100 million.

Site Description. The site is a former cattle ranch, the predominant features of which are rolling hills that culminate at the Pacific Ocean in a series of cliffs, coves and beaches. The site has approximately 600 meters of beachfront and overlooks a total of approximately five kilometers of coast. Several creeks flow through the site.

Initial Phase. Six project areas make up the initial phase of Azueros:

Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel
The seven-room, 14,000 square foot Villa Camilla was Azueros´ first testament. Set on 24 acres with a commanding view of the project, Villa Camilla is a true architectural inspiration and a vision of what is possible at Azueros. To stay at Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel, please contact reception@villacamillapanama.com or visit www.villacamillapanama.com.

La Reserve 1
Each one of La Reserve´s 30 parceled lots with designated home sites has been carefully selected to maximize ocean views. Each house is surrounded by its own nature preserve, the permanence of which is ensured through deed restrictions. Lots in La Reserve range in size from 0.41 to 11 acres.

Beach Villas *sold out*
Steps from Playa Los Destiladeros are 8 masterfully crafted two- to six-bedroom beach villas set amid lush tropical landscaping. Two villas were delivered in 2006 with 6 more to be delivered by the end of the 2008 year construction phase.

Ocean Lofts *sold out*
The 20 Ocean Lofts are two level houses nestled amid the lush tropical landscaping of a small garden enclave. With between 178 to 202 square meters under roof, each unit has several covered terraces and beautiful ocean views. Within the enclave is a shared social area, a short stroll to the beach. The Lofts will be completed and delivered in July 2008.

Beach Studios
Located just off the broad beaches of Los Destiladeros, the Beach Studios from 60 to 154 m2/ 646 to 1658 ft2 are set within a beautiful garden landscape of colorful foliage, fountains and covered walkways, steps from the Azueros Beach Club and Spa. Studios showcase rich terracotta, golden ochre and fresh off-white interiors, floor to ceiling glass doors, and private ocean view or garden view terraces.

Beach Club & Spa
Built into the hillside along a beautiful stretch of beach, The Beach Club and Spa´s four garden levels invite guests to explore the gallery of boutiques and shops; lounge on breezy terraces and around indoor fountain patios, and enjoy amenities which include restaurants, cafes, boutiques, a music bar and lounge, swimming pools, and relaxing spa treatments.
What stage of development is the project in?
Most of the site infrastructure is in place and our first model homes were delivered in September 2006. To date, we have completed: principal roads and some secondary roads, power lines, four wells supplying over 2000 gallons of water per hour, a high-speed wireless Internet connection that can be relayed to any location on site, and IP telephone.

Infrastructure currently being installed:
   • Waste treatment plant serving Azueros Village, the Beach
      Villas, the Ocean Lofts and Beach Villas Forbidden City.
      Homes in La Reserve will have the option of
      septic¹-pursuant to Azuero´s specifications - or individual
      composting/gray water recycling systems.
   • Additional roadwork
As an Azueros Owner will i receive preferential rates at Villa Camilla?
Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel is ideally situated within close proximity of the Azueros project and allos owners, potential owners, and their guests a way to enjoy Azueros prior to building their own residences. Azueros owners will be honored with the lowest available rates at Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel in order to provide them with opportunity to visit the area and stay in a refined atmosphere before their own homes are complete.
How do i get to Azueros?
There are several ways to access Azueros from Panama City, each with its own attraction. Please visit our Getting to Azueros page.
How are medical need handled?
For minor needs, there is a clinic in the town of Pedasi, fifteen minutes from Azueros. The regional hospital is approximately one hour drive from the site in Las Tablas. Excellent medical care is available in Panama City at Hospital Punta Pacifica which is affiliated with John Hopkins Hospital.
Who will build my home at Azueros?
Homes are being developed and promoted by Azueros by Wildland, managed by Gilles Saint-Gilles. Azueros by Wildland has its own design and construction team, craftsmen and highly prepared and qualified contractors. For clients not choosing one of the model homes, custom homes may be designed by Gilles Saint-Gilles. This is intended to assure consistency of appearance and quality in Azueros.

Azueros´construction company, Sol del Sur, is managed by Gilles Saint-Gilles and is based on site. Sol del Sur built Villa Camilla and Gilles Saint-Gilles personal residence. Gilles Saint Gilles has over 40 years experience building high-end residential and commercial projects around the world.
Are groceries available nearby?
Pedasi has several small supermarkets. One of the first buildings to be built in the Village is a small grocery. The grocery will have basics and a system whereby owners can order groceries to be delivered from the major super markets in the area.
What will finished homes Beach Villas and homes in La Reserve cost?
The prices of the finished model homes range from $485,000 to $2,000,000. Prices of custom homes designed by Gilles Saint-Gilles must be determined by the Administration. These homes are delivered with:
   • High-Speed Internet
   • Air-conditioning, Split system
   • Appliances: washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator
   • Electric water heater
   • Basic furnishings

The garden is delivered with:
   • Sprinkling system surrounding the house (15 points)
   • Exterior lighting surrounding the house (15 points)
   • Teak gate doors to the property
   • Gravel pathway
   • Japanese grass surrounding the house
   • Plantation of flowers and shrubs
   • Reforestation
   • Mixed hedge separating properties
What landscaping is included in the house prices?
That depends on the particular property. Generally, a house will include landscaping sufficient to hide any scarring around the construction area, flowers, ornamental bushes and young trees.
Are driveways included in the house price?
House prices include an unpaved access road to the house. There are several paved and stone driveway options.
Basic appliances and furniture are included. We have a furniture package option for each home design. Most of the furniture is made on site and is similar to the furniture at Villa Camilla. Visit the Furniture Gallery to view a sample of Azueros furnishings.
Will I own title to my land?
Yes. Unlike some other countries in Latin America, both foreigners and nationals can own title to land in Panama.
How much are maintenance charges for Beach Villas and La Reserve Homes?
Starting maintenance charges will range from $360-$720 per month, depending on the specific unit.
What do maintenance charges include?
   • Beach Club (under construction)
   • Road maintenance
   • Lighting of common areas
   • Water supply for plants and Gardens
   • Maintenance of common areas, green space and
   • 24-hour security
   • For Beach Villa and La Reserve owners, basic cleaning of
      home exteriors, gardens and private nature preserves,
Are Maintenance Charges fixed for a period of time?
Yes. The charges are usually fixed for one year. Usually, at the beginning of every year, the Association, in agreement with the rules of Azueros, will maintain or adjust the maintenance fees for the next cycle.
Will there be property management available?
Property management is available to Azueros owners by the same management company that operates Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel (Villa Camilla S.A.). Our intention is to create a rental pool of properties that supplements Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel´s seven rooms, allowing owners to subsidize their carrying costs and be assured that their property is looked after with the same care as Villa Camilla Boutique Hotel.